A few words from our customers.
Here are a just few of the many success stories created at Be Fit Personal Training.
Albany Fitness

"I wish to give a recommendation to anyone, and I mean anyone, who is looking for a fitness trainer. I highly recommend Siriji. I am a 73 year old mother of four. I am recently widowed and don't have much cause to get out of the house. However, I felt the need to take care of myself and re-claim my own health and wellness. I have been training with Siriji for only a few months now. Please listen when I say I believe physical training isn't just for twenty-somethings. I do exercise for me! It gives me a sense of personal accomplishment.

Pushing myself beyond my self-imposed barriers makes me feel good about who I am. I encourage anyone to get into a physical exercise program. Having Siriji as my personal trainer has helped me feel a sense of strength as well as mental vigor and a good self image. Siriji has earned my high recommendations as a personal trainer!"
Rosario Luttrell

"Dino is thoroughly professional, attentive and supportive. He makes the work out routines hard, exhaustive but fun. He knows when to push you to your limit and when to back off and allow you to recover. I would happily recommend Dino to family and friends ps. He does have some difficulty counting reps, I don't think this is by mistake!"

"My experience with personal trainer Dino Ginnakis has been transformative. Growing up I was never involved in athletics beyond what was offered during P.E. at school. I never really liked playing basketball , football , or baseball. Rather I was more interested in playing computer video games , watching science fiction and eating junk food like pizza ans hamburgers. This was fine when I was younger but as I got into my mid twenties I was on an unsustainable path of weight gain.

Training with Dino is when my journey on personal fitness began. What I like about his sessions is that he approached exercise analytically. He made sure that I understood the mechanics of each exercise, demonstrated the form, and told me about the pitfalls. That was great since I do not have any natural athletic "aptitude" . He developed clear workout plans that were appropriate with my level of proficiency.

As a result, I have come to enjoy exercising; it has become almost a daily routine for me. Since my peak of 235lbs I got a low as 189lbs. This journey has had up and downs, Dino has given me the skills and confidence to persevere. I am thankful for this experience."

"It was time to stop being a "dumpy suburban mom", measures had to be taken. Dino was the only one brave enough to meet me at 5:45AM to help me find my path to a healthier me. Very patiently, very methodically, and with great humor, DIno safely showed me how to effectively exercise in order to become stronger, leaner and therefore much happier. My family and colleagues thank him too!"

"In describing my experience with Dino let me describe myself. I am retired, 67 years old and weigh 265. I have no physical aliments other than the excess baggage I carry around. Dino is my third physical trainer. We meet each Wednesday morning. Other than the early hour it is a pleasure to be with Dino. The exercise is focused around what I can do. It is not focused on some drill sergeant screaming but a soft encouraging voice.

When I have problems with some move we just focus on that body area in another way. Therefore the tone is always positive. It centers on what I can do and not some pie in the sky dream of a 25 year old. That doesn't mean we never push the envelope. Heavy breathing and perspiration are frequent visitors. Dino keeps things attainable and interesting in a calm, controlled, pleasant environment. It also helps that Dino is genuinely caring and competent trainer as well as person. He keeps me moving when inertia would be so easy. He keeps me improving when "manana" is so tempting. Thanks Dino."

"Be Fit personal training is great! I have worked with Pasha for over two years - starting at another location - and she rocks. She's not a drill sargeant, (which is great, because I don't respond to that) but she doesn't let me slack off, either. She's firm but friendly and always pushes me beyond my comfort zone. She's also great at what she does. After working out with her on a weekly basis, a nagging shoulder injury that barely responded to months of physical therapy was healed. That, alone, was worth the money.

All the trainers here are great, friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated. People of all types train here, so you don't have to worry about not fitting in or being judged because you don't look like you stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine. I'm a lifelong exercise hater, but I actually enjoy going here (Sshhh! Don't tell them I said that!). And I'm definitely stronger and more toned as a result, plus, I've learned a lot that I'm able to apply when I work out on my own. Don't be fooled by the small space. You will be challenged. You will leave sweaty and exhausted. And you will be sore the next day! Prices are really reasonable and parking is easy. You can't ask for more."
Anne S.

"When I met Pasha I had been through some rough times. My son was about three and I had suddenly noticed after having a kid that my time for working out disappeared. I was about thirty pounds over my normal weight, had terrible planter fasciitis and my knees constantly ached. Approaching 40 years old I was starting to feel like my days as an athlete were over. Then I met Pasha. She immediately was approachable and quelled all my insecurities. She developed a program for me that was at first gentle and then gradually increased my workout without me noticing. I lost all the weight and then began to change my fitness level in amazing ways.

She taught me breathing, my legs became strong and balanced and my knee pain disappeared. My feet stopped hurting and my belly stopped bulging. I started to understand what all the fuss was about core strength. I felt strong all over and after about 6 months I felt I was in the best shape of my life. I continue to see Pasha and over the years have been continually impressed by her ability to read my mood, and strength of the day and to always alter my workout. She is motivating, caring and one of the most knowledgeable fitness trainers I have ever encountered. Plus, she has a great sense of humor. I can with utmost honesty say that working with Pasha on my fitness has changed my life in innumerable ways."
Noadiah Eckman

"When I turned 40 I made a resolution to get back into shape. I had not exercised regularly since the birth of my 8 year old and it was getting harder for me to keep up with my energetic and active daughters. Jerry designed a training program especially suited to my needs and goals of improving my core strength, agility and endurance. He keeps a watchful eye over my workouts and provides just the right challenge so that I can continue building my strength and overall fitness. I currently have the endurance that I had in my 20's and I am the strongest I have ever been. Now when I'm playing with my kids - they have to keep up with me! Jerry is a great trainer and accommodates the schedules of busy parents. I recommend Jerry for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level."
Eveline Shen

"November 2007, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma/CLL. Due to chemotherapy I lost muscle mass and was in a weakened state. At one point in time I couldn't even open a jar of pickles that had previously been opened. I simply didn't have the strength.

After consulting with my oncologist and getting the OK to start an exercise program, I met Jerry Westcott. He started me out gradually needless to say it was really tough. I was in a weakened state, had limited muscle mass, & still suffering from the effects of chemo. Jerry understood and took his time and gave me words of encouragement as we went along. He made me feel that it was both our journey's, which speaks well of his compassion and character. Within a few months we worked my way back to a normalcy. Using his expertise, and encouragement I am in better shape now - than I was before I was diagnosed.

The best part - I can open any jar whether it be previously opened or not, including a jar of pickles."
Sylvia Davis

"At 64 I felt my days of hikes and dancing were over. I had been a year recuperating from a knee injury when I started to work with Jerry. The emphasis on flexibility and strength building made all the difference! I now do lots of walks, hikes, and even danced the cumbia for two hours on a recent trip to South America. Jerry has helped me to be realistic and clear in my goals. He is supportive and forgiving when I slack off, and finds the right words to get me started again. Just knowing I'm going to see him on Wednesday and 'report' gets me up and moving. I feel that having Jerry as a personal trainer is one of the best things I have ever done for myself."
Katie Lewis

"Jerry is very thorough in his explanations of the fitness programs he recommends. He ensures that you know what each exercise is accomplishing and why it is important in the context of your overall fitness. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and personable fitness trainer."
David Bourne