Personal Training
Our focus here at Be Fit is to provide first class professional training. As your coach, we will motivate, support and guide you through every workout. We understand that you move and function in your own unique way. Therefore before creating your personalized program, we want to get to know you. We invite you to come in for a free fitness assessment.

During this evaluation we'll listen to your goals, discuss in detail your health and exercise history, then perform a series of movement screens in which we'll analyze your body movements. We'll assess your cardiovascular fitness, your balance, the stability of your joints. and what level of core and muscular strength you have.

Based on this assessment, we'll give you a clear understanding of the path we'll take in developing a program designed specifically for your needs.

Partner Training
Partner Training offers you all the benefits of an individualized training program. You not only share the workout with a partner, you also share the cost. Our partner training program is particularly popular with spouses, friends, and family members.

Semi-Private Personal Training
Our Semi-Private training gives your the individualized attention you deserve, while at the same time allowing you to workout with a small, intimate group of no more than four people. This exciting and very popular workout offers you the lowest price point available here at Be Fit.

You will experience a full body workout that will help you to develop your mind-body connection to improve form, balance, flexibility, control, and stability. At the same time, this dynamic and exciting workout will give you the opportunity to build strength, endurance, agility, and power. This workout is designed with all fitness levels in mind.

Corrective Exercise
Today's work and home environment require much less activity then even 20 years ago. The goal of our corrective exercise program is to help you to move and function more efficient and pain free. It is not uncommon for clients to come into our studio who are not just out of shape, but actually deconditioned. The condition of their muscles, joints, and connective tissue is so decreased that basic movement and exercises are too difficult to perform and often accompanied by pain.

As we develop each program here at Be Fit, we make sure to consider the functional capacity of each client. We'll address any potential muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies to insure that they do not lead to increased disfunction or injury.

All of us here at Be Fit have been trained in corrective exercise techniques. If you are interested in working with a specialist who is certified in corrective exercise, please let us know.

Athletic Performance
Be Fit trainers use an innovative approach to athletic performance training - the IGNITE 360 platform, Training with Purpose! The system was derived from the Ignite Performance Training philosophy, which over the past 30 years has helped to develop elite-level athletes at IMG Academy. Our trainers use IGNITE 360 to fully customize training programs and to measure our clients' progression.

With the help of IGNITE 360, our trainers set the standards for athletic performance training. We help aspiring athletes systematically and purposefully improve all aspects of athleticism. By implementing this platform, we help athletes of all ages and potential compete at a higher level and push the envelope of mental, physical, and emotional courage.

Our studio boasts a safe and supportive community that fosters positive energy, friendly spirit and competitive drive.

Weather you are training for a sport or training is your sport, let Be Fit coaches motivate you to reach a new level of fitness taking your sport to the highest level possible.

Nutritional Coaching
If your fitness goals includes the desire to shed a few (or more) pounds, or to give yourself more energy to navigate through your busy lifestyle, then consider our Nutritional Coaching program.